A young woman married 7 yrs back to a person she never imagined would turn out to be her worst nightmare! Within few days of marriage her husband and her inlaws began demanding gold and money from her and her family members. eventually if demands would not be met , they started emotionally and then physically assaulting her to the extent that she could not wake up. she faced enough criticism, torture emotionally n physically from his family members. As a simple woman what she wanted was only love from her life partner forever.she tolerated.but as any woman of self respect ultimately one day she could
not take anymore and came to her parents house. She has a child, now in 7th std and staying in her parents house. Her father the sole earner of family with tears in his eyes says ” i never expected the match we would choose would end our daughters life “.. but as a father, i will support my daughter financially n emotionally as long as i am alive.. i dont care for society . i care only for my daughter. her happiness .. that my grandson should be highly educated , that my daughter makes a
life of her own  independently . These are the words of a father.. a father whose daughter is his everything. 

* We counselled and motivated her . She is happy to share her agony and and bonded so well with our team. We provided stationary items ,note books to the child and motivated him , encouraged him to do his best and come up in life and that peace foundation will always be a backbone to his family.

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