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Organized Event- “PARIPURNA” in uttar pradesh , ramnagar .met the labourers and awareness provided related to hygiene , health protection.
Motivated parents the importance of education .
Towels and toys were distributed to crowd of 35 people and children.
Children were explained the importance of cleanliness being a major step in shaping a health of a child.
We had a beautiful experience with these wonderful people who were so much willing to seek knowledge.


Organized Event- In mumbai – pune highway group of 12- 15 woman from underprivileged sections, around 8 children were present, among which 3 were infants. Children had very few clothes , they were not even having basic mats to sleep .. they would sleep on mud. We saw that these woman did not have toilet and would openly defecate ,infants did not have blankets to cover. We addressed their concerns , discussed with them. We initiated this issue to the authorized bodies and looking forward to have a complete solution to this. We ended the event by distributing around 30 clothes and 7 blankets to them.


Organized Event- “ HOPE..” in Manipal Anganwadi children. Addressed the concerns of Anganwadi workers . several needs were put up by them as not being taken care of.
We motivated them to voice out their opinions so that we could have more better reach on maternal and child health and nutrition.
Children playfully interacted with us and educative problem solving games were provided to them
A talk was given on importance of immunization to the workers. It was a delight to see the eyes of children gleam with joy .. really a smile on a child can spread millions of smiles.


Organized Event- “Fly..”in another Anganwadi school in Manipal. It was a pain to see that they did not have any basic needs that an Anganwadi should run.
Among 30 children normally attending Anganwadi, only 10 – 15 would be present as they had come from such families were alcohol abuse was the main concern among the fathers with broken families.
We reached few of those families motivated them that alcohol abuse is a disease which should be treated with the right method. Explained the ill effects of alcohol on the body as well as detoxification methods.
Motivated parents to send their children and provide them basic child care, protection and nutrition.
We concluded the event by providing black board , toys and mats to the centre and clothes to the Anganwadi workers .Addressed several concerns about the workers as well.


Addressed the concerns of vegetable vendors in Bijapur .their problems and grievances. have put up these few matters to authorized bodies. event concluded by distributing clothes and toys .

"FLAME- to protect "

Addressed the concerns of fisher woman in Malpe ,explained them the need of voicing out their opinions .they had lot of concerns regarding their income , and social support and safety


Visited a boarding school in Shirva where children of around 10-15 were present. Among them some where abandoned by their parents while some were from very poor families.

Around 30 clothes and 7 pairs of shoes were distributed to the children.
Among them ,few students were preparing for their board exams and were motivated to handle stress and boosted their inner confidence and self esteem


Visited Manasa Rehabilitation Centre in Pamboor . Out of approximately 130 children suffering from intellectual and developmental disabilities, around 52 were provisionaly diagnosed with autism.
We planned to extend support in training about autism to the teachers and workers and create awarness about the disease with regard to early intervention, diagnosis and treatment .

" AGNI "

We met some lady farmers in srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh.They discussed their several concerns of water scarcity and lack of access to health care either due to distant health care facility or lack of knowledge towards health care services.

They discussed several psychosocial issues with regard to their families and personal lives.

We spent time in counselling them and inspiring them to lead a life of utmost self respect and dignity .

We initiated provision of further health care through follow up of their old hospital records.

We provided tea flask and few clothes to them.

we have put issues of water scarcity forward to authorized bodies and we motivated them the need of early detection , and follow up of illness.


We are very grateful to PEACE FOUNDATION who had invested a shop for us . Thank you !!! 


Groups of families belonging to dalit community from raichur district of karnataka, toil hard day and night on highways for many mths though they are farmers by occupation because raichur district gets very difficult for farmers, it will be drought almost throughout the year , and if it rains it rains for just two or three mths and sometimes they have to wait several months for rain.. they have problems of water scarcity .
Our upcoming project ,we focus on their watershortage problems , by arranging water pumps on their fields .
Their children few of them do not go to school.
We motivated them the importance of education .
We plan to sponsor the education of children in future.


  Celebrated birthday of 5 yr Dhanush, lovely visiting the children and the head mistress and entire faculty of government higher primary school, Belmar, Bramhavar.

Sponsored- Fan and taken into account the problems they face where this govt school is built in the midst of a forest. We provided Scholarship to two hard working students, who comes from a very poor background.


  Celebrated birthday of 1st standard student Ria, lovely visiting the Christ Jyothi orphanage and boarding in kolalagiri.

Sponsoring- School bags for 9 children and Will be providing Scholarship to two hard working students, who comes from a very poor background. 


We launched a campaign “HIMMAT” to provide self defence spray to Women to boost their self-confidence.

What Our Supporters say

Very Nice to know that all over the world people are recognizing Peace Foundation’s efforts in giving back to the society. We would love to support for times to come and wishes Dr Sonia Ji, her resource team & Peace Foundation that they achieve higher milestones in their genuine cause of service to people.

Rajiv Malhotra

Nice work by the team peace foundation and we will support them as long as we can. cheers team

Gayatri Devi

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