A 52 yr old woman , resident of Rajivnagar, Manchi , whose husband died 5 years ago and is now living with her only one son .
She works at an Aluminium factory . Through her BPl card she gets ration ,but her housing condition is very bad. They dint even have a mat or a chair in their house. Her current bill expenses, the medicines required for her sons mental illness , the loan of around Rs 65,000 which she has taken is taking her every day peace of mind. The house door is broken , when her son will be away for work as a helper carpenter ,she will be all alone. She gets scared at night, as even the bathroom is outside and the door is broken.
She saves her money but cannot afford , She never misses on her sons medications , she is well aware of the fact that medicines have to continued throughout to prevent relapse.She says ” My son is much better now but i will always see that he takes his medicines ” sometimes if he gets work outside he does not come for weeks home .That time i get worried who would take care of my son and force him to take medicines ., and when my son returns back he will be in the worst state as before”.
* Discussed mental health awareness and need for compliance with medications to the family, sought concession with medical aid .

* Aim to repair house in future . 

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